On the Final Lap

Did you know, truck driver, that if you walked around your truck, assuming it’s a tractor-trailer, 32 times, that counts as one mile? I know, it’s strange but it makes sense. This ties into today’s topic, once again, we are talking about using your truck as a makeshift gym for your health and body needs. As well as basic equipment you can bring along with you. I know that this has been covered before, rather extensively at that, but think of this as the proverbial final lap. We’re going to cove

The Truck Safety Coalition: "Moving vaccines efficiently and safely must not be mutually exclusive"

We’ve all heard of the new COVID vaccines, but many people that aren’t truck drivers haven’t considered how they were going to get around. Naturally, many trucking companies are going to try to push as many deliveries as possible. For this, there is a proposal that there should be safeguards and health measures to be taken during the first wave of vaccine delivery. As the Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, the Truck Safety Coalition told lawmakers that moving vaccines efficiently and safely

Daylight Writing #6: LGBTQ Characters •

Alright, today’s article is gonna be a special one. You might even say it’s queer. Now, at first you might think that LGBT is some kind of sandwich, like the BLT, but it’s not. LGBT is an initialism standing for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. Sometimes its expanded to LGBTQ, and the Q, in this case, means queer. We’re gonna be talking about how to use these characters in your stories and what you can expect from the audience. Now, fundamentally, is there any difference between a stra

Daylight Writing #2 •

So, what is a story? Well, aside from the obvious, I mean, what makes a story, a story? Is it characters? Setting? Or is it a formula? The answer to that question is: Yes. To all of them. You see, all stories, regardless if they are fact or fiction, have three points. Beginning, middle, and end. That is the one inescapable truth of all storytellers, even if the order gets mixed up from time to time. In creative writing though, it’s a bit trickier than that. You have start, rising action, high p